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'Choices 4 Life' courses are specially designed for Corporate businesses & companies that value their employee`s and care about their employees welfare.

'Choices 4 Life' courses are specifically designed to account for `non-martial artists`, people that either havn`t the time or inclination to visit and train at a standard martial arts school.

The four different 'Choices 4 Life' courses run at half day or full day participation time frames,
an on-going course, plus courses for Individuals (please use the
enquiry form). With each covering the basics of 'Self Protection'. Longer course durations cover more specific senerios, detail subject matter more indepth and cover more of the physical elements.

But all courses offer supurb Self Protection advice and training for everyone.

Who Can Benefit From A 'Choices 4 Life' course?
Any one aged 16 and over. Female or male, from Corporate Directors to secretaries, those in all industries, anyone that travels on foot, in a car, on a bus etc. Anyone and everyone will benefit from a 'Choices 4 Life' course! Courses can also be tailored specifically, for example, women only courses (please enquire for more details)

What Do The Courses Cover?

How Do I Arrange A Course?
Please enquire further by
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Stay Safe: Self Protection is a must in todays society

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More Information...
Target Hardening
Risk Assesment
The Effects Of Adrenaline
Counter Acting Fear
Maintaining Personal Space
Being Caught Unaware
Enviromental Awareness
Risk Triangle
Safety Tips
Techniques For Defence
Pre-emptive Strikes
Release From Grabs
Release From Chokes
Escapes From The Ground
Areas Of Attack
Vital Points
The Law And Self Defence

Corporate & Individual Self Defence Courses
based in Harrow and in and around London and Middlesex
How Safe Do You Really Feel!

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Self Defence is about having a physical and mental plan of action at all times.