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The clubs below (scroll down) are all IAOMAS members, but are in need of a `Country Site` to host the details. A `Country Site` is maintained by a web site based in the country of the clubs it lists.

The detail below will be transfered as soon as a `Country Site` becomes available

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International Schools without
Country Sites
Location: Limassol , Cyprus
Name Of School:
Russell Stutely Black Belt Centre
Style Studied:
Instructors Name:
Russell Stutely
00357 99 753 293
Web Site:
Saudi Arabia
Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Name Of School: Xenel Dojo & Sunbullah Dojo
Style Studied: Shotokan Karate
Instructor: Romy Rivero Sensei / Chief Instructor
Email: jr_loyola@yahoo.com
Telephone: awaiting details
Web Site:
awaiting details
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Other Countrys will be listed as soon as we get a `Main Country` site set up & running

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Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Name Of School: akademi desain visi yogyakarta
Style Studied: aikido
Instructors Name:
Mr Agus
Email: antokdaeng@yahoo.com
Telephone: 08122797621
Web Site: none
Location: Baltic States, Estonia, Pärnu
Name Of School: Pärnu Taekwon-do Club
Style Studied: ITF Taekwon-do
Instructors Name: Robert Trofimov
Email: itfparnu@hot.ee
Telephone:  +372 551 3807
Web Site: www.hot.ee/itfparnu
Name Of School: Shotokan Karate School Of Malta
Style Studied: Shotokan Karate
Instructors Name: Chris Galea
Email: sksm@mail.global.net.mt
Telephone: +356 21451906      FAX: +356 21453706
Web Site: www.sksm-karate.malta.tv
Georgia (Ex-Russia)
Location: Tbilisi
Name of School: Georgian ju-jitsu federation
Style Studied: Ju-jitsu
Instructors Name: Avtandi Mikadzel
Email: avtandil_mikadze@yahoo.com
Telephone: 995 32 38 98 86
Web Site:
Location: Singapore
Name of School: Singapore Martial Arts Research Society
Styles studied: All Styles/ Systems
Instructors Name: (Contact name) Chris de Wet
Email: Tanren@lycos.com
Telephone: (65) 6891-3492
Website: http://MartialSpiral.com
Accepted: All styles/ systems
These pages are not always in alphabetical order!
Cuba (US Airforce Base)
Location:  Guantanamo Bay, Airforce Base
Name Of School: Guantanamo Shotokan Karate
Style Studied: Shotokan/Jujitsu
Instructors Name: Caesar A. Garcia
Email: isechico@hotmail.com
Telephone: 011-5399-7482
Website: www.geocities.com/isechico2000/Bushido
Location: Tangier
Name Of School: Association Karate Do Shotokai
Style Studied: Shotokai and others
Instructors Name: Merrouch
Email: m_merrouch@yahoo.com
Telephone: (212) 930764
Web Site: http://www.geocities.com/m_merrouch
Sri Lanka
Location: Moratuwa
Name Of School: Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Kyudokan Karate-Do
Style Studied: Shorin Ryu Karate
Instructors Name: Indishe Senanayake
Email: indishe@eureka.lk
Telephone: 0094-1-653881 /0094-777-976418
Web Site: http://karateindishe.freeservers.com
Location: Wurmsergasse, Vienna
Name of School: Pandeka Mihar G=Sentak
Style Studied: Pandeka Mihar G=sentak/West sumatera silek-Galuik
Instructors Name: Pandeka Mihar Walk Tan Pangeran, Puti Kaisar Mihara,Udo Vukovics, Thomas Tatosa, Johannes Kunz
Email: pandekamihar@yahoo.de
Telephone: Contact via email
Web Site: http://www.pandeka.com/
Accepted: Southeastasian styles
Location: Turin
Name Of School: Kayten School
Style Studied: Mugei
Instructors Name: Adriano Pizzato
Email: kaytenn@yahoo.com
Telephone: 0039 338 9989950
WebSite: http://utenti.lycos.it/kayten/index.html
Dominican Republic
Location: Club de los Jardines del Norte , Santo Domingo
Name Of School: Kyokushin Karate - Pagan Dojo
Style Studied: Kyokushin Karate & Bushido Ryu Jujutsu
Instructors Name: Manuel O. Pagan
Email: manpagan@hotmail.com
Telephone: 809-563-0553
Web Site: Actualy under construction
Location: Mali
Name Of School: Centre Sportif De Daoudabougou
Style Studied: Taekwondo
Instructors Name: Soumaila Coulibaly
Email: soum_coul@yahoo.fr
Telephone: 002236420112
Web Site: none
Location: Geres Health Club St.Julians
Name Of School: I.L.T.Taekwondo Malta
Style Studied: I.T.F.tkd mainly.and bits of others
Instructors Name: Adrian Aquilina-Stjohn
Email: asjilt@hotmail.com
Telephone: 0035679050832
Web Site: www.ukti/ilt.com
Location: Tagbilaran city, Bohol
Name Of School: World Christian Martial Arts Assn.
Style Studied: Streetfucus
Instructors Name: Nelson Vargas
Email: Masternel@muaythai.com
Telephone: +639174267690
Web Site: www.taifuma.org/philfucus.html
Puerto Rico
Location:  Toa Baja
Name Of School: International Combat Aikido & Jujitsu Federation
Style Studied: Daito Ryu Aiki-Jujutsu, Kobukai Aikido, Goshin Ryu Jujitsu
Instructors Name: Soke Jorge Luis Garcia-Ortiz
Email: combat_aikido_pr@yahoo.com
Telephone: 787-310-1618
Web Site: http://icajjf.tripod.com
Africa (Burkina Faso)
Location: 01 49 49 ouagadougou, burkina faso
Name Of School: National Taekwondo Center
Style Studied: Taekwondo
Instructors Name: Master Akeola Lukumanu Ayinde
Email: luku4best@yahoo.com
Telephone: 00226 84 23 11
Web Site: None
Location: East Africa
Name Of School: Pan African Martial Arts Centre
Style Studied: Taekwondo
Instructors Name: Mutyaba John Bosco
Telephone: 256 71 21 66 77
Web Site
: None
Name Of School:
Goshindo Dojo
Style: Aikijitsu, jukempo,Iaido,jodo, Takeda ryu Maroto ha
Instructor: Mr. Martin Camilleri
Email: aikimlt@maltanet.net
Telephone: (356)99498144
WebSite: http://www.geocities.com/aikijitsumalta/asc.html
Location: bd wed sabou gr GH rue66N18 oulfa casablanca
Name Of School: ass.champions du maroc des sports
Style Studied: taekwondo/hapkido/karate/savate boxing
Instructors Name: karmaoui  abdelhak
Email: karmaoui@hotmail.com
Telephone: GSM 212 61 20 19 67
Web Site:
Location: ??
Name Of School: Club Central De Taekwondo
Style Studied: Taekwondo
Instructors Name: Boussaq
Email: boussaq@club-central.com
Telephone: 0033 6 76 78 15 48
WebSite: www.club-central.com
Location: Porto
Name Of School: Portuguese Hoshinkido Hapkido Association
Style Studied: Hapkido and Taekwondo
Instructors Name: Master Filipe da Silva
Email: koreiartesmarciais@hotmail
Telephone: 351 22 9442038
WebSite: www.hapkidohoshinkido.com
Location: Antibes
Name Of School: Kokoro Kamikaze karat Juku
Style Studied: Kyokushin
nstructors Name: Bricnet Sonia
Email: toraryu@aol.com
WebSite: none
Location: Villeneuve-Loubet
Name Of School: Makoto-Shi_Kon
Style Studied: Ten-Ryu Karate
Instructors Name: Otora
Email: tora@makoto-shi-kon.com
Telephone: 33 4 93 73 93 63
WebSite: www.makoto-shi-kon.com
Location: Gostivar
Name Of School: Budokan
Style Studied: Jujitsu, Aikido & Thai Boxing
Instructors Name: Zendel Abedin Sehi
Email: ashehi_2000@yahoo.com
WebSite: www.ibsf.sitemynet.com
Location: Istanbul
Name Of School: Japan-Klub
Style Studied: Jujitsu, Aikido & Thai Boxsing
Instructors Name: Zendel Abedin Sehi
Email: ashehi_2000@yahoo.com
Location: Kathmandu
Name Of School: Nepal International Taekwondo and Budosports Federation
Style Studied: Traditional Taekwondo
Instructors Name: Soursingh Lama
Email: martial_earthlink@yahoo.com
Telephone: 00977-01-4437295
WebSite: None
Location: Tagbilaran City
Name Of School: University of Bohol
Style Studied: Police
Instructors Name: Vincent Bonzo
Email: vincent_bonzo@yahoo.com
Web Site:
Location: Isernia
Name Of School: Olimpic Club
Style Studied: Shotokan
Instructors Name: Mr. Giancarlo Quaranta
Email: olimpicclub@hotmail.com
Telephone: +393404848332
Web Site: We are creating a new web site.
Location: Kabul
Name Of School: Afghanistan Hosharafu Association
Style Studied: Hosharafu
Instructors Name: Master Saberi
Email: hosharafu@yahoo.com
Telephone: (+93 ) 20-2500680
Web Site: www.geocities.com/hosharafu
Puerto Rico
Location: Puerto Rico
Name Of School: Jiuwaithai Alliance
Style Studied: Jiuwaithai Jujitsu
Instructors Name: Wilfredo Vazquez
Email: jujitsu@email.com
Telephone: 787-379-1423
WebSite: www.jiuwaithai.cjb.net
South Korea
Location: St.Peterburg
Name Of School: GiCheon
Style Studied: GiCheon - internal, external, healing, meditating
Instructors Name: Lee Ki Tae
Email: gicheonmaster@yahoo.com
Telephone: 7-821-531-1240
WebSite: http://www.gicheon.daomir.com
Location: Sarajevo
Name Of School: Aikido club Morihei Sarajevo
Style Studied: Aikido
Instructors Name: Nihad Klincevic
Email: nklincevic@yahoo.com
Telephone: +38761769454
Web Site: http://www.ak-morihei.co.ba
Location: Manicaland
Name Of School: Sango
Style Studied: Jeet Kune Do, Ju Jitsu, Karate, Kung fu
Instructors Name: Stewart Makuvise
Email: stewmak2002@yahoo.com.au
Telephone: 263 2065927
Dominican Republic
Location: Santo Domingo
Name Of School: Gajuki Sako Nakanishi Dojo
Style Studied: Kendo Iaido Jodo Aikido
Instructors Name: Orlando Sturla/Luis Suarez/Dante Betances
Email: osturla@yahoo.com
Telephone: 809-2240457
WebSite: awaiting details
Saudi Arabia
Location: Khamis Mushayt,saudi arbia
Name Of School: Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karatedo Association
Style Studied: Shorinryu and Kobudo
Instructors Name: Abdurahman Sanny Galamgam
Email: abduoska@yahoo.com
Telephone: 0096652914508
Location: Transilvanya
Name Of School: Bushido Kempo Karate
Style Studied: Kempo, Karate jitsu
Instructor: Simon Ferenc
Email: sferis@yahoo.com
Telephone: 0040-265-216242
Web Site:
Saudi Arabia
Location: Jeddah
Name Of School: Golden Dragons
Style Studied: Ninjutsu
Instructor: Mohammad Masood
Email: mohd_masood@yahoo.co.uk
Telephone: 0096626202000
Web Site:
Africa (Burkina Faso)
Location: North
Name Of School: National Taekwondo of Burkina Faso
Style Studied:
Instructor: Amos Olufemi Samson
Email: samsany2001@yahoo.com
Telephone: (00226) 33 13 86
Web Site:
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Bosnia and Herzegovina
Location: Sarajevo
School: Taekwon-Do Club "Scorpion-Novi Grad"
Style Studied: ITF Taekwon-do
Instructors Name: Ibrahim Kolja
Email: tkdscorpion@yahoo.com
Telephone: +387 61 27 29 20
Web Site: http://www.geocities.com/tkdscorpion
Sierra Leone
Location: Freetown
Name Of School: Budo karate kai international
Style Studied: Shotokan and Bo
Instructors Name: Sensei Idrissa Massaquoi
Email: senseiiam@yahoo.com
Telephone: +232-30-215-101
Web Site: no web site
Saudi Arabia
Location: Al-JUbail City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Name Of School: Lhung Sil Lum Kungfu Society
Style Studied: Northern & Southern Style of Kungfu
Instructors Name: Sifu M.I.Tianero
Email: womatian@hotmail.com
Telephone: +966-51329229
Web Site: http://geocities.com/soke tianero
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Location: Sarajevo
Style: brazilian jiu jitsu , judo
Instructor: Arvin Widder
Email: arvinwidder@yahoo.com
Telephone: 00 387 61 199 432
Web Site: www.arvinwidder.com
Puerto Rico
Location: Bayamon, Puerto Rico
School: Puerto Rico Kendo Federation
Style: Kendo-Iaido
Instructor: Samuel Guerrios-Shihan
Email: fepuken@hotmail.com
Telephone: 787-308-3150
Web Site: N/A
Sierra Leone
School: Sierra Leone Kickboxing & MuayThai Association
Style: Kickboxing,Karate,MuayThai
Instructor: Khun J.K.Kanu
Email: africsport@hotmail.com
Telephone: 30232190
Web Site: www.worldprofi.org/sierraleone.htm
Location: Philippines
School: Minato-ku Dojo
Style: Shotokan karate
Instructor: Malcolm Armstrong
Email: mizy2003@yahoo.com
Telephone: 07939 370339
Web Site: None
Location: GOR Cempaka Putih, Jakarta
School: BJC - Koryujuku
Style: Bob Jones Combatives, Koryujuku, Gojuryu Karate
Instructor: Bryson Keenan
Email: ocianan@yahoo.com
Telephone: +62 813 1077 1202
Web Site: www.zendokai.com.au
Location: Naantali
School: Naantalin Sun Do Kwan
Style: Hapkido
Instructor: Ville Niemi
Email: Budoka@jippii.fi
Telephone: +358414920303
Web Site: None
Location: Tehran
School: Pasdaran
Style: karate and ju-jitsu
Instructor: Nasrollah Kakavand
Email: sokeday@yahoo.com
Telephone: +98  21 7505619
Web Site: www.iranjujitsu.ass.20m.com
Location: Copenhagen
School: International Budo Academy Denmark
Style: Traditional Genseiryu Karatedo & Genkidokai & Kenjutsu & Yoga
Instructor: F. Dariagard
Email: h.dojo@sougo-budo.org
Telephone: +45 35824699
Web Site: www.sougo-budo.dk - www.isbaa.net
Location: Wilsele - Leuven
School: Flemish Academy of Martial Arts
Style: Jeet Kune Do, Kali Escrima, Shoot Wrestling, Brazilian JJ
Instructor: Joffrey Hion
Email: defcross@pandora.be
Web Site: www.defcross.be
Location: Istanbul
School: Club Aiki The Oriental Culture Fitness Center
Style: Kaizen Aikijutsu, Aikido, Kenjutsu, Chinese Kempo
Instructor: Teddy Wilson
Email: clubaiki@superonline.com
Telephone: 90-212-247-4808
Web Site: www.clubaiki.com
Puerto Rico
Location:  Anasco
Name Of School: Puerto Rico Kenjuken Dragon Kenpo & Kendo Studio
Style Studied: Shinyukan Kendo, Iaido, Karate & Judo
Instructors Name: Juan E Gonzalez & Master Alicea (Kendo)
Email: prdracoken1@aol.com
Telephone: 787-310-1618
Web Site: www.shinyucan.com
Location: North
School: Bushido Ju-Jitsu Academy
Style: Maltese (Variation on Brazilian)
Instructor: Stanley M. Debono
Email: sdebo@hotmail.com
Telephone: 356 79705787
Web Site: http://www.geocities.com/bjjamalta
Dominican Republic
Location: Villa Altagracia
School: Union Dominicana De Shotokan Karate Do
Style: Shotokan
Instructor: Cristian Vizcaino
Email: kichan85@hotmail.com
Telephone: 809-631-0433
Location: Accra
School: Catholic Youth Organisation Martial Arts
Style: Karate
Instructor: Edem Gemegah
Email: micbryan2001@yahoo.com
Telephone: 23324614138
Web Site:
Location: Manila, Philippine
School: Luneta combative kali group
Style: Rapido Realismo Martial Arts
Instructor: Henry Espera
Email: pg_espera@yahoo.com
Telephone: 632 -2828325
Web Site: http://www.angelfire.com/art2/rapidorealismo
Location: Cuba
School: Aikikai GTMO Dojo
Style: Aikikai
Instructor: Helmer Acosta Henriquez
Email: helmer@citma.gtmo.inf.cu
Telephone: 53-21-32-3996
Web Site: 
Location: All over Sweden
School: Goshin-Ryu Kempo
Style: Goshin-Ryu Kempo
Instructor: Shihan Jorgen Jorgensen
Email: shihan@kempo.nu
Telephone: +46 73 5123010
Web Site: http://www.kempo.nu
Location: All over the country
School: Goshin-Ryu Kempo
Style: Goshin-Ryu Kempo
Instructor: Sensei Dan Babos
Email: sensei.babos@kempo.nu
Telephone: ?????
Web Site: http://www.kempo.nu
Location: Izmir
School: Bushikan
Style: Daitoryu Aikibujutsu
Instructor: Ilkay Itku
Email: daitoryuturk@yahoo.com
Telephone: +905553937390
Web Site: www.daitoryu.org
Location: North
Malta Aikido Association
Style: Aikido
Instructor: Kevin Bonanno
Email: kbonanno@iee.org
Telephone: 0035699899733
Web Site: www.aikidomalta.com
Location: Istanbul
School: Ninpo Dojo
Style: Bujinkan Ninjutsu
Instructor: Ercan Sarbat
Email: bilgi@ninjutsuturkey.com
Telephone: +90 216 368 03 35
Web Site: www.ninjutsuturkey.com
Location: EGE
School: Turkish Goju-Ryu Karate -Do Association
Style: Goju-Ryu Karate-Do
Instructor: Fatih Ince
Email: miyagidojo@hotmail.com
Telephone: 232-428-2547
Web Site: http://www.gojuryutr.bizhosting.com
Location: Military Police Indonesian Air Force,
Bandung Based West Java
School: Gojuindo
Style: Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate
Instructor: Firdaus Sensei
Email: gojuryu_jujutsu@yahoo.com
Telephone: +6222-6037847 mobile phone:081-560 83 509
Web Site: http://www.gojuindo.best.cd
Location: Manisa
School: Jeet Kune Do Sport Academy
Style: Jeet Kune Do & Chi Tao & Wushu & Koshiki Ryu Ninjitsu & Pervanei Ryu & Taekwondo
Instructor: Sihing Ediz Baris
Email: jkd_ediz@dr.com
Phone: +90 236 235 08 05
Web Site: www.savassanatlari.com
Location: Torino -c/o Benvenuti Maurizio-Via boston 124-10137
Style: Kung-Fu(Man Seer Kung-Tai chi-Ba Gua-Fut Pai)Kathori Harashi Ryu Ju Jutsu-Marma Adi-Khalary Pajiat-Kendo Jaido
Pauciullo Gilberto
Email: harashi-k@libero.it
Telephone: -340-9086320
Web Site: http://www.arpnet.it/shaolin/
Location: Bihac
School: judo klub "UNA" Bihac
Style: judo
Instructor: Becic Fikret-Fico
Email: fico_una@yahoo.com
Telephone: 0038761368454
Web Site: www.judouna.ba
Location: Borgomanero (NO)
School: Hashira Ryu Ninjutsu
Style: Ninjutsu
Instructor: Murizio Colonna
Email: Hashira_Ryu@libero.it
Telephone: +393478048156
Web Site: http://hashiraryu.altervista.org/
Location: Hama city- 8 Azzar str -maokef wajeh
School: Oyama dojo
Style: kyokushinkaikan
Instructor: lawyer shihan Ahmad Baroudi
Email: ikosyr@maktoob.com
Telephone: 00 963 93 3 999 10
Location: Singapore
School: School of Taekwon-Do
Style: ITF Taekwon-Do
Instructor: Mr. Mubarak Abdullah (Chief Instructor)
Email: admin@taekwondo.edu.sg
Telephone: 65 7000 2255 483 (CALL ITF)
Web Site: www.taekwondo.edu.sg
Location: Tirana
School: Sunray School
Style: Tae kwon do
Instructor: Ismail
Email: webmaster@sunray-al.tk
Telephone: +355682588390
Web Site: www.sunray-al.tk
Location: Kathmandu,Nepal
School: Gurkha Action Martial Art Association
Style: Traditional Art ,Semi contact
Instructor: Prushottam Pyakurel
Email: somrai@hotmail.com
Telephone: 00977-1-2073298
Web Site: comming soon
Location: Giza, Egypt
School: FitnessPro
Style: Kick Boxing
Email: amr.mehanna@fitnessproeg.com
Telephone: +2 010 1000695
Web Site: www.fitnessproeg.com
Location: Leuven
School: Ken's Place
Style: BJJ, Wrestling, Shooto, Muay Thai
Instructor: Ken Van Gilbergen
Email: mail@ken.be
Telephone: +32474255124
Web Site: http://www.ken.be