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International Alliance of Martial Arts Schools
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I.A.O.M.A.S.          *** International Alliance Of Martial Arts Schools ***           ...the true spirit of martial arts          ...become part of something BIG, something unique, something World Wide, something pioneering in the world of martial arts          ...Join the IAOMAS and open your eyes to the true spirit of martial arts

Greetings from SFMA International, Your leadership and dedication is admirable, and It is the key to promote the martial art brotherhood into our local community, and internationally as well. Keep it up all the good works for further progress of the society.
"Congratulation to the job well done". -
Ama Maestro Bernardo Fabia Salinas (to Tim Posynick, Canada IAOMAS Country page host & founder member)

I've been doing MA's for 26 years and I think this is one of the best ideas I've seen
- Bill McKay (New UK member)

This is a great move to unite all martial artists in mind, body and spirit. I am proud to join IAOMAS as a country site in Thailand and share IAOMAS philosophy of upholding the true spirit in martial arts. Therefore, I appeal to all local martial arts associations, centres and clubs to join this mission in welcoming all forms of martial artists to train and share their knowledge, experience and ideas without fear or favour
- Gabriel T.W. Chin of Chin Taekwondo Academy, Thailand

Thank you so much for accepting me to be a part of a huge non-political / a very friendly organization ..." A one & only in the World"! Osu!
Eddie Rama Sensei (Egypt) - (to Tim Posynick, Canada IAOMAS Country page host & founder member)

A posting on a Taekwon-do News Group (NG) by Dave Melton, 4th Dan W.T.F. (USA Country Page host)

Thanks to Stuart Anslow in England, there is a new organization called IAOMAS (International Alliance Of Martial Arts Schools).  We encourage any school owner to participate - it is free!  I strongly believe that much of my school's success is because I am lucky to run across people like Stuart and martial artists like him (listed on the USA page) with the attitude of joining together and learning - regardless of style or rank!  An open mind goes a long way...

Dave Melton
4th Dan W.T.F.

An email to the Canadian `Country Page` host

Thank you Master Tim for your kind, and warm welcome.
It is indeed a pleasure to be involved with your organization,and to support you in your efforts.

What you are trying to establish here, and are succeeeding at my friend, is a very unique, and valuable service to martial artists, and the martial arts as a whole.

Something such as the IAOMAS can only help to unite the martial artists of the globe. This will be done without everyone having to be "under' an organization.

A very unique concept, and I am happy to see it. Great job sir!!! I notice the names of a few World Budo Alliance members on this mailing list, and I hope that they too, will strongly consider the benefits of being part of such a project as the IAOMAS. My organization's monthly newsletter is due out in the next few days, and I will proudly mention your efforts Tim, and direct all readers to your site.

Do take care, and I know this will all be a definate pleasure.


Hey Stuart,

How are things?  great idea with the IAOMAS, you seem to be getting a good response from it too!

I would like to enter our school into the alliance, the Dublin Airport School Of Cho's Tae Kwon Do  airport-tkd.com

Is there a home country site set up for Ireland yet?  I see that Mr Philip Fox, who is also in AIMAA like myself, has joined.....is this a country site??


Jay King, airport-tkd.com, (Ireland)


  We wanted to drop you a note to congratulate you on
the growing success of the International Alliance Of
Martial Arts Schools.  We think that it is a great
idea and would like to add Sandalwood to the list.
Please let us know what you need from us in the way of

All the best,

Albert & Sandy
- (to Tim Posynick, Canada IAOMAS Country page host & founder member)

I am the owner/head instructor for a school in Kitchener Ontario Canada.
I would be happy to join up with your group. An admirable goal, I have hosted students before from other countries and cities when they were visiting in town.

I do not teach a Korean art but all styles would be welcomed.

If you would like a rep school in this area, feel free to visit my website and email me back.

Aubrey Millard, Canada -  (to Stuart Anslow, founder member & IAOMAS England Country host)

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