New students are welcome to come & try out a few classes. We don`t try to rope you in by making you sign this & that. We believe that you should/will stay if you enjoy it or feel free to find another art/Academy more suited to your needs.

Our classes have students from child, teenager to mature adult, both male & female so you won`t feel out of place.

Beginners need simply to turn up at the correct times with tracksuit/jogging bottoms etc..

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by telephone: 07759 438779
When selecting classes there are some important points to consider! First of all, all students (with the exception of very young students) are advised to train twice weekly if possible. This is for a number of reasons:

1.Grading times are based on twice weekly training
2.A student training twice weekly or more can afford to miss the odd class, but a student training only once a week would miss 2 weeks of training if they miss a single class
3.Student who train twice weekly or more retain much more information than those who only train once a week
4.Students who only train once a week do not retain 50% information compared to those training twice a week, but because of the longer period between classes they actually retain less than 50%
5.Top sportsmen in their fields (ie. David Beckham) didn't get where they are by only training once a week!
Though there are exceptions to the above is the case for the average student, especially with regards to young students.

That said, if you can truly only fit once a week training into your schedule, once a week is better than not at all and you will develop in all areas, albeit at a slower rate than those training more often. With the above in mind, please take a look at our weekly classing to make an informed decision about which ones you wish to attend.

We hold classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at The Beacon Centre Scott Crescent,  South Harrow, Middlesex, HA2 0TY  - click here for times and a map. - This will take you to our newer site.

Rayners Lane In Action
Various training that is done at the Academy