North Korea ITF 2003 & 2002
Demonstration CD

See the now famous North Korean ITF Demonstration team in action. You have never seen a demonstration of Taekwon-do as good as this
(unless you brought the 2002 CD which is just as good :-)

The Taekwon-Do Demonstration performed by the North Korean Team at the 13th World Senior Championship, Greece, 2003 & is a sight to behold!

Featurning patterns, multiple techniques, Self Defence against single, double & multiple opponents, step sparring, sparring, awesome destruction, & even MORE!

Also, as part of this CD is coverage of the North Korean National Demonstration that was held in Seoul, South
Korea in November 2002. This is different footage from the other 2002 CD!

It shows patterns, techniques, step sparring, a full on sparring match, unbelievable breaking, musical forms, etc.

This is a very rare opporuntiy to get two great demonstrations by the North Korean National team.

V-CDs and CD-Rs play in computers and most newer DVD players. The video is in V-CD format.