North Korea ITF
2002 Demonstration CD

This V-CD is made form the KBS sports coverage of the North Korean National Demonstration that was held in Seoul, South Korea in November 2002.

Over 48 minutes long. It shows patterns, techniques, step sparring, a full on sparring match, unbelievable breaking, musical forms, etc.

This is a very rare opporuntiy to get a demo from the North Korean National team.

This is the demonstration that made history by being performed in Seoul, South Korea. South Korean WTF Officials, after viewing this deomonstration said "WTF Taekwondo is for sport, ITF Taekwon-do, is Taekwon-do for killing!!!" So I guess they were impressed!

To view a low quality video clip of this CD CLICK HERE

This is the best CD of this demonstration

Specs: V-CDs and CD-Rs play in computers and most newer DVD
The video is in V-CD format.