The Original Taekwon-do Masters

Rare & Historic Footage From The Pioneers Of Taekwon-do On A Single DVD

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Please note, we have just 1 fully working DVD left.. which will be sold on a 1st come first served basis, with this page updated once it is sold. To purchase, please use the 'add to basket' tab below.

LAST ITF Pioneers full DVD:

We also have a few 'mostly working' versions. These are original DVDs direct from the author, but due to a small error in the production process some sections of the DVD are either jumpy, blocky  or skip altogethor on some DVD players. However, in most cases 90% (or more) of the DVD plays just fine, some DVD players have also been found to manage to play the whole lot without problems, but some have not. As technically these are faulty, we cannot sell them at full price so have decided to offer them at less than half price so people that want them can see the amazing footage.

These are the only versions of the DVD we have in stock, so we have decided to offer them for sale a a bargain price of 12 per DVD. Many of the DVDs issues are with the 2nd half of the DVD (the ITF New Zealand part), though this is not guranteed and buyers take their chances on which sections are missing! The only thing we will gurantee is that most sections of the DVD are playable.

Before you purchase, please read the notes below, as committing to buy the DVD means you agree to these conditions:

If you are happy with the above,
please use the link below to purchase the DVD

1. You understand that not all sections of the DVD may play on your DVD player
2. That the DVD purchased is brought 'as is'
3. We cannot gurantee which sections will or will not play
(though all DVDs are playable except for the section/s that do not run - these can be skipped)
4. The DVDs are non-returnable
5. The DVD is original, with DVD label, and comes with blank DVD box but no box covers