The Original Taekwon-do Masters

Rare & Historic Footage From The Pioneers Of Taekwon-do On A Single CD

The quality is not great - but for the ITF enthusiast it is a priceless record of the early Pioneers Of Taekwon-do.

A Definite Collectors Item

*The following is whats on the CD*

Part One Of The Official ITF Training Film
Introduction & commentary by General Choi & Robert Walson

Patterns Chon-ji to Eui-Am, with other demonstrations of 3 Step Sparring, 2 Step Sparring, Breaking, Self Defence, Model Sparring and Foot Sparring

Features Masters: Park Jong Soo, Choi Kwang Jo, Kong Young Il and others.

Footage of the 1973 ITF Demonstration Team in Germany.

Features Masters: Rhee Ki Ha, Kong Young Il, Park Jong Soo and Choi Chang Keun.

Bag Work & Kicking Drills by Master Kong Young Il & his younger brother.

Free Sparring & Self Defense

Part Two Of The Official ITF Training Film
*There is no sound track available for this footage*

Stretching, Patterns Choong-Jang to Ul-Ji (including Ko-Dang, later replace by Juche)

Patterns Moon-Moo to Tong-Il (featuring Master Park Jong Soo)

Free Sparring by Kong Young Il

Tournament Rules by Master Park Jong Soo

ITF Classic Footage
Self Defence & Flying Multiple Breaks

Master Choi Kwang Jo performing Bag Work

2nd ITF World Championships Footage
*Demo`s & Special Technique Competition*

Master Park Jung Tae Demonstrating Focus

Flying High Kicks from two different camera angles

Plus Master Hee Il Cho performing various Demonstrations

Master Hee Il Cho Warming Up & Breaking Demo`s

Special Technique Competition (features Ron Sergiew - UK)

Master Hee Il Cho Demonstration in Hamilton, New Zealand, 1984

Contains over 50 minutes of Digitized video in MPEG format.

*Also contains the History Of Taekwon-Do in New Zealand*

CD needs to run on a PC